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CT confirmation of healing spleen

tina tinagaar at online.no
Thu Feb 14 07:01:02 GMT 2008

Fully agree and thank you for the clarification...:-) however, those would
in my mind mostly be the non-restituted ones, ie the patients presenting at
follow-up with some kind of symptoms or reduced function (except for the
bruit) and thus qualify for CT scan.

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tinagaar at online.no writes:

Agree  with Tim...comments so far seem to sum up nicely what we know  about
follow-up after splenic injuries...very little. Even with a CT like  this,
most would let him go back to unrestricted activity if he is  otherwise
fine...so is there a place for late follow-up CT scans in  clinically
restituted patients? 

1.development of esophageal varices
2. bruit
3. persistent pain
4. persistent anemia

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