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PRO & CON: jet ventilation/needle cric.

McSwain, Norman E Jr. nmcswai at tulane.edu
Sun Apr 27 21:30:43 BST 2008

Needle trach vent works well and quick. No gadgets, only needle, O2 adm tube with hole cut in the side to provide 1 second inflation and 4 seconds deflation. Works well. See Scott Frame research

Cheap too. Every ED has a bunch handy

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Norman McSwain, MD
Tulane Univ Surgery
504 988-5111

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Subject: PRO & CON: jet ventilation/needle cric.

Question to all: in the trauma bay for patients who are not intubatable for any reason
the setup forjet ventilation to be able to utilize needle cricothyrotomy:
IS necessary, because any additional method to ventilate is worth the expense...CON
is NOT necessary, as surgical airway such as cricothyrotomy 
is more definitive and should be doable just as well...


I wish jet ventilation was available in my institution also because ....


Thanks for the answers !
Ivan Hronek MD
SFMC, Los Angeles
cell: 310 487-3288
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