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Fwd: [ccm-l] List members hard at work

Ross Hofmeyr wildmedic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 19:35:01 BST 2007

Allow me a brief enthusiastic moment...

I was priviledged to have the inaugural International Emergency
Medicine in the Developing World conference in my own beautiful Cape
Town over last weekend.  It blew my mind, and all expectations clean
out of the water.

What was envisaged as an attempt to give weight to the new speciality
of EM in SA (our first FCEM certified by examination has just
graduated from the rotation) turned into an awesome, truly
international, jam-packed top quality conference.  650 delegates, 70
local speakers of high regard, international speakers from 45 (yes,
forty five) countries, 5 continuous parallel streams in development,
continued education,  EMS, scientific papers and hands-on seminars for
three full days... wow.

The biggest complaints were the fact that there was too much good
stuff to see without multiple personalities, and the fact that the
continuing education stream was so popular it was often overflowing
with doctors, nurses and paramedics sitting on the floor to greedily
snatch the pearls of knowledge so freely scattered.  (I can recommend
the comfy carpets in the Cape Sun hotel, and the friendly staff,
excellent facilities and scrumptious food).

Highlights for me were myriad, but some which spring to mind are:
 - not only listening to Joe Lex's great talks on shiftwork, the State
of the Art in ACS and quirks of medical history, but meeting and
chatting to the great man himself.  Thanks, Joe.
 - Tim Hodgetts on military medicine and the (C)ABC revolution
 - the entire trauma sessions, featuring the likes of Tim Hardcastle,
Andy Nicol, Pradeep Navsaria, Ken Boffard et al
 - the EMS stream and lively debates that ensued (no, not quite fisticuffs)
 - Eric Hodgson and Tim H on fluids
 - meeting and talking to people who were only well-know names to me
before, from Shock Trauma, Cleveland, University of Maryland, UK EM,
 - the INCREDIBLE representation from other developing countries,
espescially within Africa.  Wow again.

The greatest joy was watching EM in SA put on an awesome show.  There
can be not a sliver of doubt that this is to become a groundbreaking,
active, central specialisation in South Africa.  Fantastic, too, the
wealth of ties that the discipline has with other specialities -
surgery, ortho, anaesthesia, paediatrics - all were well represented.

I'm brimming with vicarious pride and excitement.
Uber-congratulations to the organising team.

Hope to see you all for the next one ;)


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Hi Eric,

That must be Joe Lex and yourself.

I remember something about a meeting in dubai or qatar or something.
And there was the recent meeting in Sorrento, Italy.

But I think this was in this weekend Cape Town: the Emergency Medicine
Society of South Africa: http://www.emssa2007.co.za/home/


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> Who and where ;-)) ?


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