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trauma-list Digest, Vol 48, Issue 20

Dr Ross Hofmeyr wildmedic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 14:44:47 BST 2007

Oh dear... Have you hear of the asbestos suit?
(Ross bunkers down for the flames)

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From: mls at webmail.co.za
To: trauma-list at trauma.org
Sent: 07/06/18 13:48
Subject: Re: trauma-list Digest, Vol 48, Issue 20

Greeting all,

I also have a suggestion. Have you looked at this device called The MAST
SUIT, it one old pierce of equipment, but still South African Paramedic
are being trained to use it.

It a strong plastic trouser, it is used to splint, to splint the user have
to inflate it, he can chose whether he wants to inflate the legs only or
the pelvis only or all of the simultaneously . However, it use is
controversial, mostly when the user have to deflate it, since it might
lead the compartment syndrome if deflated done.

However, you can research about it, if you have an interest. Another thing
that might be a problem is most medical practitioners are not trained to
use this pierce of equipment. As I have said look for information about it
if u are interested.

>From Malusi Mtetwa
A registered Intermediate Life Supporter & an N: Dip Paramedic student

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> Message: 1
> Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 07:44:29 -0400
> From: "Anthony caruso" <medic541 at hotmail.com>
> Subject: RE: looking for an article
> To: trauma-list at trauma.org
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> Mike, I don't have any access to the papers.  I would like to share with
> you
> a concept that I use in stabilization.  It maybe help you or it may not.
> You may be familiar with a device called the (KED) kendrick extrication
> device.  Normally, its used to immobilize patients that are entrapped with
> suspected cervical spine injuries.  However, if you take the unit and
> invert
> it to have the head portion pointing in the direction of the feet.  Take
> the
> back portion and wrap it around the pelvic area.  Use the void filler in
> between the legs.  Wrap it all together using the belts and you have a
> nifty
> little device that's quick, and requires little movement of the patient.
> Also not to mention it goes really well on a backboard.
> Like I said, this may help you or it may not, but happy trails.
> Sincerely,
> Anthony M. Caruso
> Paramedic/firefighter
>>From: mike <mike.smyth at blueyonder.co.uk>
>>Reply-To: "Trauma &amp; Critical Care mailing list"
>><trauma-list at trauma.org>
>>To: "Trauma &amp; Critical Care mailing list" <trauma-list at trauma.org>
>>Subject: looking for an article
>>Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 09:54:46 +0100
>>Hello all
>>Please forgive what might be considered inappropriate use of the list.
>>I am currently currently undertaking background research concerning
>> initial
>>management of pelvic fracture in the pre-hospital environment (as part of
>>my MSc). I have found a number of relevant papers, but I cannot get  hold
>>of a full text copy of the following:
>>Prehospital stabilization of pelvic dislocations: a new strap belt to
>>provide temporary hemodynamic stabilization.
>>Source:Swiss surgery = Schweizer Chirurgie = Chirurgie suisse = Chirurgia
>>svizzera, {Swiss-Surg}, 1999, vol. 5, no. 2, p. 43-6,
>>ISSN: 1023-9332.
>>Author(s): Vermeulen-B, Peter-R, Hoffmeyer-P, Unger-P-F.
>>Although the article is 'old' I am only able to obtain the abstract.
>>Unfortunately my limited access does not allow me to get hold of the full
>>text for this journal. If anyone can forward a pdf copy I'd be most
>>Again, my apologies if you feel this is an inappropriate request, and my
>>sincere gratitude if you are able to help.
>>Mike Smyth
>>trauma-list : TRAUMA.ORG
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> Message: 2
> Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 07:04:44 +0100
> From: "Karim Brohi" <karimbrohi at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: You should not be reading this

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