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EMS management/crush injury

Jules K. Scadden jkaymdc at aim.com
Wed Jun 13 01:02:32 BST 2007

Roy says:
>Phil:  This is how I see it.  Sit down with EMS and talk communications.
>EMS people on this thread are going to come to the defense of theircolleagues.
>I'm going to play the devil's advocate and tell you that
>they over-stepped their boundaries.  The reason you and your hospital
>are called "medical control" is because you are there to help them make
>decisions.  Not all the time...not for every patient.  This was hardly
>and "every patient" encounter and they would be wise to learn from this

 I agree....talk about communications between the field and the hospital/EDs..that should be done 
continuously anyway. And ALL trauma's, especially ones such as this should be reviewed and CQI'd..
?EMS people agree with discussing these things, that would be why they have CQI policies.

I think the benefit of this thread has rapidly escalated into an "EMS is as fault" instead of what
I "thought" the intent was, a frank, beneficial discussion.

Yes, EMS people will come to the defense of their colleagues, especially those of us that work in Iowa 
and understand how our system works and why they probably made the decision they did. But then I've seen 
doctors, nurses, & plumbers all come to the defense of their colleagues also, especially when
?NO evidence has been presented they did anything WRONG and as far as we've been told, 
detrimental to the patient.

?If this is a 'what can we do better" discussion, lets lose the "EMS screwed up" piece in it
?and perhaps ask THEM why they called for a helicopter, before passing judgment without all
the facts or reasons.

We have very little actual first hand information OR patient outcome information. Could we try to
lose the lynch mob mentality?

I do believe you feel there needs to be a strong partnership between EMS, ED and physicians, 
unfortunately, this discussion is no longer promoting that..if feels alot like trying to point
a finger at a "perceived" wrong...unsubstantiated as that!

I'm sorry Dr. Caropreso, I do understand what your intent was with this thread.



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