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Liver trauma (TCC2006)

docrickfry at aol.com docrickfry at aol.com
Sun Apr 30 23:27:51 BST 2006

One point to clarify here--a T-tube is not a drain in the way I was referring to, but has an entirely different purpose--that is an entirely different story, and is essential in any exploration of the common bile duct.  I was referring to suction drains placed around the liver to drain any leakage into the peritoneal cavity to allegedly prevent the accumulation of bile in particular. 
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In a message dated 30-Apr-06 15:53:31 Central Daylight Time,  
docrickfry at aol.com writes:

If  biloma develops, drain then as this occurs in a surprisingly small 
portion of  patients, and is nt prevented by drains.

you mean that all those T tube bottles I had to measure and  empty back in 
the 70s were actually worse than useless? who would have thunk  it?
Quite honestly, having undergone a lap choly back in 2000, and  comparing my 
experience as a subject of this 'simple procedure'  compared to what was being 
done when I was in Medical School or even Residency,  much less back in the 
days when I was pushing bedpans, I am always amazed at how  far we have come in 
the last 30 years!
May the folks out there doing the research needed to improve  the current 
standards to match the improvements of the last thirty years  have as much 
logarithmic success as the folks on whose shoulders they  stand!
Charles S. Krin, DO  FAAFP

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