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Hypertonic saline

Ronald Gross Rgross at harthosp.org
Thu Apr 27 18:36:16 BST 2006

Tom, Mike, et al,

Is this HTS for TBI the new "steroid for SCI" debate?  I had looked at
a lot of the "recent" literature, and asked our neurosurgical
colleagues, when I could find them  ;-)  (settle down, y'all, JUST
KIDDING!!) and no one has been able to give me that ONE prospective
study that proves that HTS absolutely works.

Have I missed something?  Don't mean to sounb really dumb, but I am
feeling that way right about now.....


>>> Tom Hurst <tom at veldt.demon.co.uk> 04/27 1:30 PM >>>
Wade C: Meta-analysis of Hypertonic saline in Traumatic
Hypotension: Acta Anaes Scand 1997, 77-79

I *think* this is the paper that suggested an improvement in
hypotensive patients with TBI.


Dr. Tom Hurst
Specialist Registrar - Anaesthesia


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