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bloody rectum...

Ronald Gross Rgross at harthosp.org
Mon Apr 24 14:24:28 BST 2006

EUA to be able to 1. examine extend of "perianal" (vs prineal) wound and
2. do a very thorough and slow rigid sig with ability to insufflate,
wipe and observe.  BaE of no real use here as I see it, and I woudl
suspect that CT with rectal contrast will be of little help as well.
Assuming no other injuries, drain/pack wound, with diligent wound care.
 Given patient's age, one would hope to avoid diverting
Do you have any photos of the actual wound?  That would help here.

Take care,

>>> joe.nemeth at staff.mcgill.ca 04/24 7:56 AM >>>
once again:

-30 y.o.female
-straddle injury, picket fence
-sustains "deep" perianal lac.
-DRE: good tone, no blood
-rig. sig.:fresh blood distal rectum ("?maybe ED doc's bloody fingered

DRE exam")
-fleet enema
-repeat sig: same
-CT with rectal contrast: neg.

what next?...

Dr. Joe Nemeth
Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine
Montreal General Hospital
Montreal Children's Hospital
McGill University Health Center

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