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penetrating vascular trauma: bleeding subclavian avf

Roy Danks roydanks at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 23 15:19:40 BST 2006

Good case.  I agree, especially in hard to access places like the subclavian, I think these are going to be used more.  
Most importantly, we have to evaluate the efficacy and follow these pts out and see that it is the RIGHT thing to do.

I think it's going to be important for trauma surgeons to start PLACING these stents.  If we're going to be up all night taking care of trauma patients, we might as well be responsible for the procedures (and there's absolutely not reason we can't do these) and reap the benefits of performing them.  

I don't know about everyone else, but it can be hard to get an interventionalist to "rise and shine" and to come in without and argument.

I was trained to do stents in residency.  I'm confident I could do them now with some brush up training.

Thank you for posting this interesting case presentation.

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