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article in the may issue of "Annals of Emergency Medicine"

Ronald Gross Rgross at harthosp.org
Sun Apr 23 11:52:13 BST 2006

OH BABY - Charlie, you ARE on a roll!  HOOAH!

>>> Krin135 at aol.com 04/22 7:51 AM >>>
In a message dated 21-Apr-06 12:57:19 Central Daylight Time,  
JonWalsh at borgess.com writes:

Just the  kind of article I would expect from an EM physician....
Tell them good luck  with the next pt with a ruptured spleen or open
pelvic  fx....

and what part of the country do you practice in, Dr.  Walsh?
If you have never practiced in one of the more underserved or  rural
areas of 
the US, then you are part of the maldistribution problem, not  part of
Patient A is in a major hurt in much of the rural US, and  requires 
appropriate airway stabilization, minimal fluid resuscitation to 
maintain a blood 
pressure of approx 90 systolic, and a call for a helo to take  the
patient to a 
more appropriate facility.
Patient B is often a bit better off, since along with the above  steps,
EM/FM doc also knows that he can tie a bed sheet around their pelvis 
and slow 
much of their bleeding while waiting for the helo.
All of which, If I Recall Correctly, was the original thrust of  ATLS
first put out by the fine folks in Nebraska, and later by the 
Comprehensive Life 
Support Course available from the Minnesota Academy of Family 
Charles S. Krin, DO  FAAFP

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