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are the ed docs taking over?...

joe.nemeth at staff.mcgill.ca joe.nemeth at staff.mcgill.ca
Sat Apr 22 23:56:53 BST 2006

At our institution (level 1 care) half of all trauma leader calls are 
taken by emergentologists...

I also am aware of the paucity of lit. regarding the necessity of 
surgeon presence in acute trauma care...the lit. is even more 
convincing in the pediatric blunt trauma victim...

soooo, having said all of this, let's just agree to agree that there is 
more then one way to skin a cat...non-operative trauma patients can be 
equally well managed by well trained emergentologists as by trauma 
surgeons...(remember, EM residency training is 5 years!! in Canada, 
that's 5 years of preparing for just this sort of patient population...

Dr. Joe Nemeth
Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine
Montreal General Hospital
Montreal Children's Hospital
McGill University Health Center

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