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Witnessed Paeds Resus - your views

flysurg at aol.com flysurg at aol.com
Sat Apr 22 22:58:35 BST 2006

This BS rears its ugly head again and again. Family members have no place in trauma resuscitations until all invasive procedures have been completed, if at all. Medical/ peds codes in ICU's are not the same. This is just another lame attempt to nursify the practice of trauma surgery. Fire away!
Steve Smith 
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From: Nick Macartney <nick at macartney.org>
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Sent: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 07:30:55 +0100
Subject: RE: Witnessed Paeds Resus - your views

Spent 2 hours yesterday resuscitating a 7 day old baby - not trauma, but
still rather sick. Parents were present all the time. We all made a
conscious effort to keep them up to speed. Parents were very sensible, as
has always been my experience.
Nick Macartney 

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> Subject: Witnessed Paeds Resus - your views
> Dear All
> Following a recent discussion with some fellow med students 
> regarding witnessed resuscitation in paediatric trauma/arrest 
> - I was interested to hear the views of those more qualified 
> than myself! 
> Bearing in mind the following (non-typical) scenario:
> Father arrives at ED carrying 6 year old child - involved in 
> vehicle versus pedestrian MVA. Father transported child to 
> hospital - no EMS involvement. Nursing staff take child from 
> father and rush her to resuscitation area and issue a trauma 
> call. The child is making no respiratory effort, is mutiply 
> injured and is in cardiac arrest. The frantic father demands 
> to be present for the resuscitation attempt but is asked to 
> remain outside - much to his distress.
> I have read with interest various published materials 
> regarding witness adult resus - but was interested to hear 
> your views (and experiences) regarding paeds patients.
> Andrew
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