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Thoracic Slipped Disc

James Heilman jmh649 at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 21 08:28:20 BST 2006

Had a ununsual case of a 35 year old male who walked into the ER with worsening upper thoracic pain following a judo turnament.  Became worse after throwing an opponent and was associated with rt arm numbness.  Also discribed an unusual sensation when he peed.  Exam revealed symetric reflex, strenght, and sensation.  Rectal exam showed normal feeling and tone.  Pt denied IVDU, fever, and cough.  Spinal X Ray and CBC normal.  Was send home with query mm spain.  He returned with worsening symptoms ( had progressed to lose of strenght in LE bilateral ).  Send for MRI which showed herniated thoracic disc compression on the spine.  With lumbar radiculopathy one waits for lose of str, lose of bowel / bladder function before MRI.  Is it the same for thoracic herniation?  Any ideas on how to pick up these injuries earlier?
  Many Thanks for your insight.

James Heilman 

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