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Antibiotics for pelvic fracture

Krin135 at aol.com Krin135 at aol.com
Tue Apr 18 13:21:17 BST 2006

In a message dated 18-Apr-06 02:00:12 Central Daylight Time,  
avir at bgumail.bgu.ac.il writes:


I don't think he is kidding. 

Single dose of  pre-operative prophylactic antibiotics do not induce
resistance.  It  is the prolonged usage of broad spectrum antibiotics
that is the main cause  of resistence.

The reason is the Red Queen Race Principle of  evolutionary theory.  If you
give long courses of broad spectrum  antibiotics, you provide a niche for
the resitent bugs to  thrive.

But if you give only a single dose of antibiotics, the  resistant bugs
spend too many resources for maintaining resistence, and  therefore, in
antibiotic free environment, cannot compete with the  non-resistent bugs,
like the symbiotic ones we harbour.

For a very  good explanation look up a  Scientific American article on
antibiotic  resistance (March 1998 issue)


Chuck Krin here...so not the K you are referring  to, but I am in the process 
of compiling the info for a Trauma wiki article. I'm  hoping to turn the 
references in to my local medical library today to get the  full text of the 
articles for referencing. I am aware of the one you are  referencing as well as 
several others of a more 'peer reviewed'  nature.
The point that was being made was more that  there are times in trauma where 
antibiotics, even at prophylactic doses, are NOT  needed for the patient, and 
are more given for the doctor.
One of my professors years ago looked us right  in the eye and baldly told 
us: "Only about 75% of what you will do to and for  your patient will benefit 
the patient...the other 25% is for your comfort or  benefit."
one of the benefits of this forum is that it has  helped me do more like 
85-90% for the patient and less for my own 'comfort or  benefit.'
Charles S. Krin, DO  FAAFP

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