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Dealing with subordinates, LBJ-style

Jim Ouellet hlmtxprt at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 18 04:36:14 BST 2006

Whatever difficulties Dr. Frykberg may have
communicating with those further down the pecking
order, at least he has not, to my knowledge, adopted
the style used by Lyndon Baines Johnson, late
President of the United States (1963-69).  Even when
he was a lowly Congressman, LBJ developed the practice
of refusing to interrupt meetings with his office
staff in order to go to the men's room.  Instead, he
would proceed to the men's room and continue the
meeting, subordinates and all, while evacuating his
bowels.  He continued to inflict this on his
subordinates while a senator, Senate majority leader
and, yes, President of the United States.  In fact, he
did it during at least one cabinet meeting, demanding
that a couple Cabinet secretaries continue the
conversation in the presidential boom-boom room.  One
mortified (and humiliated) secretary continued to
speak, but with his back turned, not wishing to watch
the POTUS on the, uh, potty.   This gives fresh, new
meaning to the term, "stooping to conquer."   So you
see, there IS something more odious than sarcasm,
condescension, derision and calumny.  



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