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Pros and Cons of Prehospital Intubation

Ben Reynolds aneurysm_42 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 02:52:15 BST 2006


First I have to ask, what exactly are you a student

Secondly, please feel free to use the journal articles
I posted earlier and their bibiliographies to help
springboard whatever research you want to start.

Ben Reynolds, PA-C
Pittsburgh, PA

--- Michael Ferker <xg2k2 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'd have to say that prior to coming onto this list,
> I've held the opinion that intubation by EMTs is an
> extremely important pre-hospital procedures.
> However, after readings accounts and testimonials
> from many of the people on this list, most recently
> those of Drs. Danks and Mattox, I've begun to ponder
> whether intubation by people that for whatever
> reason may not be adequately trained, or even
> equipped in terms of actual physical devices and
> working environment, may do more harm than good. 
>   I know that we've discussed this topic up and down
> for many months now, but I was wondering whether any
> empirical studies have been done recently on
> morbidity and mortality rates as a result of
> improper intubatin, as compared to successful
> pre-hosp intubations that saved lives. My university
> provides grants for honors research projects, and so
> I thought that this may be an interesting topic for
> me to research and write about. Any thoughts,
> comments, suggestions would be highly appreciated.
>   -Mike F
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