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Antibiotics for pelvic fracture

docrickfry at aol.com docrickfry at aol.com
Fri Apr 14 17:19:21 BST 2006

Do you not get it yet?  Of course, once again, listen to this----yes, prophylactic antibiotics DO work to reduce the incidence of postop wound infections--they have NOT ever been shown to prevent infictuous complications of pelvic fractures--it seems pretty simple a concept to me to get your arms around
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This is  what I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to prove so far. From the 
research I've  read, there is compelling evidence that states a prophylactic 
of an  antibiotic such as azithromycin has a considerably decreased chance of 
 establishing resistance for gram-positive bacteriae if given for less than  
about 5 days. Statistically, a very large amount of pathogens responsible in  
operative infections are staph., strep, and over 50% of all difficult sepsis  
cases have been caused by gram-positive bacteriae.

I remember that back in the 1998-99 time  frame, a group of surgical and gyn 
residents at LSU Shreveport did a prospective  double blinded study on 
antibiotic prophylaxis in pelvic surgery and found  that one dose of Mefoxitin 
during the operation significantly reduced post  operative Gram NEGATIVE 
infections. This was the subject of at least one poster  presentation to an ACOG 

meeting about that time, as one of the lead  researchers, a PGIV OB/GYN resident 

was our chief OB resident at  the time  and he took a week off for the 
Charles S. Krin, DO  FAAFP

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