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Antibiotics for pelvic fracture

Mathias Kalkum listen at doc-kalkum.de
Fri Apr 14 11:37:36 BST 2006


> How can data in this situation be accumulated?

First of all it would be your duty to provide data that - given the 
injury is set - there would be a significant risk of bacteria induced 
sepsis. Remember, what was called "sepsis" in the 70ies of the last 
century is *not* what we call sepsis today.

Second it would be again your task to prove that what you call sepsis 
could be succesfully treated or prevented by antibiotics *and* it is 
your task to prove that this would be superior to not give antibiotics.

Just like it is mandatory in any other disease.

> Studies on the administration of anti-biotics show that resistance develops as a result of long-term treatment with anti-biotics, not with prophylactic doses. It almost appears as though people advocate reducing provision of anti-biotics on the grounds that that's what is developing resistant strains, when that really isn't the case. In my opinion, treatment of the patient comes before staying a few steps ahead of the germs.

Have you ever heard of antibiotcs associated colitis, anyphyllaxia, 
toxic side effect.....? Again - it is your duty to show that giving risk 
to the patient and rise costs is superior to no therapy.



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