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Prehospital Care

Tim Andrews tandre at bigpond.net.au
Thu Apr 13 11:52:18 BST 2006

I have been reading with some interest (a bit late I know) the battle that
has been going on regarding nurses vs paramedics..
Here in Australia, certainly the limited experience I have had, nurses,
paramedics and ED docs work immensely close with each other. I am studying a
paramedic degree and some of the best training and information I have
received is from ED docs and nurses who are more than eager to share their
knowledge. Ambulances are not based from hospitals (although with the
backlog it often seems like this) or from fire depts, but are separate
I was involved recently in a forum run by the Australian College of
Ambulance Paramedics (www.acap.org.au) about how we can create a national
certification program and registration (as per trauma surg/ED docs etc) and
unify the titles held Australia wide.(there is a little bit of confusion
regarding who is called a paramedics/ambulance officer/and sometimes,
ambulance driver/stretcher bearer!!!)

All I can recommend is that nurses, doctors and ambos all work together. You
are all there for the same purpose (I hope) and you all can bring something
to the table, without the need for one up-manship

I am still confused about your terminologies regarding paramedic names
(EMT-B etc)

Whilst things are not perfect here, we are working hard with the acap
organisation and the state ambulance services to make things better

Just my $0.02

Tim Andrews

e: tandre at bigpond.net.au
m: 0438 212429

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