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Prehospital Care

Moore, Rick Rick.Moore at TriadHospitals.com
Mon Apr 10 20:06:16 BST 2006

I agree that RN's and Paramedics are not interchangeable without each
having some additional training. I am one of the rare birds that
actually became a nurse first, then worked up from EMT-B to LP. In fact
I have long believed that being a nurse does not make me be a better
paramedic, but being a paramedic does help make a better nurse. I take
exception to the statement that most RN's do not know how to manage an
airway. Most (critical care) RN's are taught airway management in
required card courses such as ACLS/PALS/TNCC/CATN, etc. Most hospitals
don't allow the RN's to intubate citing insurance and liability reasons,
not lack of training. Yet we have to keep up these skills to recert the
card courses every 2-4 years. I was lucky enough to begin my career in a
small rural hospital here in Texas and each RN and LVN on staff was
capable of managing airways, including intubation. Not to mention being
covered by standing orders to perform the skills in the physicians
absence. In fact 90% of the intubation that occurred in that facility
was performed by a nurse or paramedic. 

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The "My job is harder than your job." line is getting so old.  No, ER
nurses cannot function in the field....they have no training in that
regards.  Yes paramedics can work in a ER, but they are not needed for
airway management or chest tube placement.  They are needed for IVs,
blood collection, foleys,...would be a great second hand at Triage or in
a major room.  And you are all correct that some (most) RNs cannot
properly manage an airway.  It is not taught in nursing schools.  And
with the type of people we are drawing to the nursing field due to the
explosion of salaries, they will not take the initiative to learn how to
mange an airway.....hell, how many times has the nurse put somebody in
restraints for becoming combative, and then the pt codes because he AMS
due to hypoxia, and the nurse failed to assess.

    I will say this... the best ER RN's I have worked with were
previously Paramedics with street experience.  
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