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Prehospital Care

Statman2500 at aol.com Statman2500 at aol.com
Mon Apr 10 18:03:38 BST 2006

The "My job is harder than your job." line is getting so old.  No, ER nurses 
cannot function in the field....they have no training in that regards.  Yes 
paramedics can work in a ER, but they are not needed for airway management or 
chest tube placement.  They are needed for IVs, blood collection, 
foleys,...would be a great second hand at Triage or in a major room.  And you are all 
correct that some (most) RNs cannot properly manage an airway.  It is not taught in 
nursing schools.  And with the type of people we are drawing to the nursing 
field due to the explosion of salaries, they will not take the initiative to 
learn how to mange an airway.....hell, how many times has the nurse put somebody 
in restraints for becoming combative, and then the pt codes because he AMS due 
to hypoxia, and the nurse failed to assess.

    I will say this... the best ER RN's I have worked with were previously 
Paramedics with street experience.  

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