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Rescue Airway Techniques

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 08:24:44 BST 2006

"Mauritz Walter, Prim., Prof., UBA" <Walter.Mauritz at auva.at> wrote:  Dear Ben,

I think it is obvious that a prospective study should be done. The
problem is that most European emergency physicians might be less than
willing NOT to intubate patients with severe TBI, but I will try to find
out how they think about such a study.
  Dr Mauritz !
  I could not have come up with the same right words
  To explain the inerant non-conspirational friendly bias
  We are going from what the Pt needs
  Or rather the best science for the best Pts outcomes
  What the doctors want ))))
  Things would be so much easier if these doctors
  Where part of an other group(profession) subordinate to your own
  Things could be examined more independently
  Thank you for the different perspective
  Admitted and refreshing


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