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PHTLS, Ground EMS, Air EMS, Chest Tubes

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 07:32:57 BST 2006

KMATTOX at aol.com wrote:  I know of NO data to support your suggestion. Furthermore, the AIR EMS is 
not better trained than most ground EMS units. 

k  M A N
  Where do you come out with these fantasticaly bold statements ! ! ! ? ? ??
  You make me smile and want to puke at the same time !
  Seriously !
  1 )  
  AIR EMS attracs and retain the top 10% of the Bell curve
  2 )
  OH !
  And they also train them
  Some of them quite well (BC, Ontario, etc)
  Some of them to a minimum
  And they train for this whole new beast
  That intensive care is 
  Compared to Emergency care
  Do you realize that, through the discussion, by saying EMS should not place Vhest tubes... that now their's probably a bunch of people that ACTYALY think that EMS puts them in... and a whole bunch of people are not sure anymore ! !))))))

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