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Clamp the the chest tube?

Mike MacKinnon mmackinnon at cox.net
Sat Apr 8 16:11:53 BST 2006

Your welcome. I read them. None of them suggest it isnt safe, none of them
suggest it isnt beneficial, just the opposite in fact. In anycase, Dr K. I
appreciate your opinion and I also agree it isnt something that should be
done often. However, I would also suggest that in the absence of peer
reviewed large studies (which seem to be very difficult to do in EMS) the
next best source of educated critique of the procedures need is the
receiving trauma surgeon. It is easy to armchair quarterback something when
not party to the facts of the case. In the few times chest tubes have been
done by my service (I cannot speak for others) we have involved the trauma
surgeon in the CQI process (no they are not apart of or affiliated with the
service). There hasn't been a case where there was disagreement as to the
What have you seen that indicates otherwise? What problems are you referring
Mike M 
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From: KMATTOX at aol.com
Date: 04/08/06 05:16:58
To: trauma-list at trauma.org
Subject: Re: Clamp the the chest tube?
In a message dated 4/7/2006 10:26:38 P.M. Central Standard Time,
mmackinnon at cox.net writes:
THank you for the articles which clearly demonstrate to my reading , my
previous contentions
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