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Clamp the the chest tube in an EMS placed chest tube

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 14:48:40 BST 2006

docrickfry at aol.com wrote:    That's right--the "oppressive MD chip on the shoulder"
We are just a bunch of goons, 
  Oh ! Here we go exagerating what I was not saying
  Rephrase my  position slightly and ridicule them
  And pounce on them
  Playing the deplored virgins
  But in the bottom of the drawer
  As argumentation technics go
  The chip on the shoulder is as real and as prevalent as the huge MD EGO
  Personnaly I do noy give too much creedeance to either one
  We all know they exist some time somewhere
  But overall
  Not a big issue
  And one that is dissapeaoring thanks to time and experience
  but never seemed to be called names in this adolescent way until we challenge someone to justify their position and they cannot--instead of conceding " no, I really do not have any data to support what I am doing" like an actual adult, the messenger starts getting called names--I kind of remember doing that myself in about 1st grade.
  NO NO !
  That's not the kid that I was
  I was the other one
  Remember the one
  That would, not always but, often enough
  Come up with the intelligent argument
  That would really, realy P.O. the adults
  Beats name calling anytime
  In fact I would recommende it Dr I am not a goon)))))
Look up the word "debate" in the dictionary please?

   I am an excellent debater
  If you were also
  I think you would recognize it also
  We better go back to debating
  How we can improve the quality of care out their

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