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Prehospital Care

stealthmedic at adelphia.net stealthmedic at adelphia.net
Sat Apr 8 14:01:19 BST 2006

A degree or sheep skin is not a magic cape. As an RN you should see this. An associate degree RN is paid the same as a BSN. Heck, I've got an MSN but get paid the same as the next staff nurse when in an RN position instead of a Nurse Practitioner position. (there isn't much $ difference between the two but a lot more responsibility, knowledge and stress) RN's take the same national board exam have the same job description. Now if you use getting a degree to shrink the pool of EMS people that would raise prices (salary). Neuro surgeons did this by limiting the number of residency slots back in the early 90's. Supply and demand. I just paid the plumber and electrician plenty they had no degrees but certificates and apprenticeships of those professions. A friend of mine sells cars and makes 100 K with a only has high school and on the job training.  There is more to increasing EMS pay than getting a piece of paper. I definitely agree that EMS should not be the red headed step child of the fire service. That just limits education, mission and advancement. 

just my 2 Cents, less 20 % of usual and customary and discounts

---- Statman2500 at aol.com wrote: 
> EMT's and paramedics are underpaid.  However, until your education 
> requirements dictate a degree, you will continue to get the short end of the stick.  In 
> some places, high school students are taking EMT classes and sitting for 
> boards.  What does this say about the profession?  I don't care if you know how (in 
> theory) to needle a chest!!  By the way, EMT-P was behind my name long before 
> RN. 
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