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Rescue Airway Techniques

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 13:31:18 BST 2006

Ben Reynolds <aneurysm_42 at yahoo.com> wrote:    What Charles said: "...These studies suffer or are
vulnerable to their...initial motivation (MD driven)
As to the way they are singular in their conclusion...
make the Medic less competent..."
  Hint they do not compare, in the same studies PreHosp & ER interventions
  O.K. ?

Charles also said: "...As the inquisition was
concerned (the spanish one)...It was very clear
that...The power laid in WHO was posing the
  And this remains clear
  The Judge has more power than the plaintive

My interpretation: (That Charles believes or assumes...) IS WRONG
My refutation:    Is therefore wronger
If my interpretation is wrong, I apologize. 
  No need to

What exactly were you trying to say?
  First I was remarking how you were adroitely not responding to the ER sit on your hands 20,30 min research
  And was saying some thing to the fact
  That some time and some where some very smart and clean people
  Noticed that medics seemed to have a higher tendency to pick their nose and scratch their buts
  They carried Medic based studies
  And came up with some numbers
  And are now proposing that Medics hands get tied behind their back
  And these people fell probably even more smarter and cleaner since they came up with that idea.
  Oh !
  Did we test other people ?
  Well their exists some studies somewhere
  The best one actually have been printed
  I suspect smart and clean people perhaps judge that the other more cucle(r)n studies were not worth publishing
  ... this has happened before
  And will keep happening
  Heck we have NSAID and blood substitutes that increase your chance of AMIs... and not all those studies came out, or came out in an honest and timely fashion

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