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Clamp the the chest tube?

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 08:33:27 BST 2006

James Richardson <jimmnn at comcast.net> wrote:  And just think Dr Mattox will be presenting Prehospital Care "What is
Working and What is Not" in Denver in May, should be extremely thought

  Provoking ?  YES !
  Thoughtfull ?    ?
  ThoughFull ?  YES !
  He compartimentalizes with out subtelety
  He over emphasizes the people aspect over the intervention particularities
  Geography and altered circumstances impedes his apreciation of the risk - benefit equation
  He, perhaps, fixates too much on the exceptional practicioners
  Best MDs (namely himself) versus he Worst paramedics (and They exist)
  Overlooking the dire possibilities offered by Worst doctors and Best paramedics
  I think truth and our Pt
  Would be better served by a more nuanced appraoch
  His extreme positions certainly PROVOKES the nuanced ones

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