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Clamp the the chest tube?

Mike MacKinnon mmackinnon at cox.net
Sat Apr 8 03:59:17 BST 2006

 Since you asked.....
56 y/o man with GSW to right side of chest. Shotgun, more specifically. Pt
has no breath sounds on the right and multiple entrance wounds from pellets.
Pt with severe difficulty breathing do to tension hemo. Chest tube inserted,
pt breathing much better. (one of many examples of hemos large enough to
kill especially at altitude in regards to boyles law)
Happens all the time Dr. Mattox. Long transport times where patients are
severly injured and need a completely justifiable chest tube.
The ones placed (very seldom) always goto QA and CQI. We have never had one
that, in the opinion of the receiving trauma surgeon, our med directors and
seasoned flight crews (oh and the alive patient) that wasn't justified.
Now, back to the original question. Is there any reason to EVER clamp a
chest tube? Im not aware of any at all.
Mike M.
-------Original Message-------
From: KMATTOX at aol.com
Date: 04/07/06 19:17:49
To: trauma-list at trauma.org
Subject: Re: Clamp the the chest tube?
In a message dated 4/7/2006 6:39:19 P.M. Central Standard Time,
mmackinnon at cox.net writes:
This  becomes especially concerning when the flight team is placing the 
tube for large hemothorax
I see NO reason why a flight crew should EVER put in a chest  tube.
QA,  M&M, Sentinel Event ?
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