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Rescue Airway Techniques

HAXScott at aol.com HAXScott at aol.com
Thu Apr 6 21:20:54 BST 2006

By red flags, I take it you mean trying to predict a difficult airway and  
forego field attempts at intubation in those patients? An excellent point -  
something paramedics could - and should - be doing now, and for the past 2  
decades... and for the EMT's, recognizing that they have "difficult airways" as  
well - i.e. the patient who has attributes associated with difficult mask  
ventilation, and train them how to overcome those obstacles when necessary to  
ventilate the patient.... but then, we'd need to better train them how to  
recognize the need for, and more appropriately provide BVM ventilation. There  
certainly are easily learned means of rapidly predicting difficulty with mask  
ventilation, laryngoscopy and intubation, and difficult rescue techniques,  
including difficult cricothyrotomy -- and they can be easily practiced in the  field 
by a visit to your local WalMart or by just walking down the street. 
The issues are multiple and there is nothing black or white, nor easy to  
fix... the cost. What IS the cost of an airway? 

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