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Rescue Airway Techniques

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 17:04:19 BST 2006

Ben Reynolds <aneurysm_42 at yahoo.com> wrote:  There is an evolving body of literature which argues
exactly the OPPOSITE, that in fact prehospital
intubation as an independent event in severe head
injury*, hypovolemic shock** AND in pediatric
patients*** is associated with HIGHER morbidity and
  That is what I am saying
  Do parrallel studies exist for Emergency rooms Docs ? ? ?
  (where I have seen weekend docs butcher Pts airway and totally disrespecting basic ventilation principles... without a peep or as much as half the srudies that you state)
  As the inquisition was concerned (the spanish one)
  It was very clear that
  The power laid in WHO was posing the questions
  These studies show that the Paramedics have a problem in their house
  These studies show that the MDs assume that their house is in order
  These studies suffer or are vulnerable to their initial motivation (MD driven)
  As to the way they are singular in their conclusion
  ... make the Medic less competent
  I contend that the intelligent solution is more complexe
  And probably involve a bit of both
  And for all professions

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