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HAXScott at aol.com HAXScott at aol.com
Thu Apr 6 16:57:42 BST 2006

Use of laryngeal mask is routine in every state of this country and  in most 
hospitals. We're behind in enough ways, and we shouldn't not  proclaim our 
part in Dr. Brain's wealth... I'm sure it was American-demand  (read: our fault) 
that the disposable LMA became so popular.
I appreciate and second your statement with regard to not being able to  
contemplate not having the LMA available as a backup device for rescue  
ventilation - but I have to add my belief is that it should be wholly  unacceptable to 
not have a rescue airway in sizes for the entire age and size  spectrum in 
every environment: prehospital, ED, ICU, off-site response in  hospital. 
Finally, I'd be curious to hear your assessment and experience with the  
disposable version of the FasTrach LMA. It's not yet available here in the US,  
however, we do use and I personally am quite fond of the reusable version.  

Scott Hax
Lebanon, NH 

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