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HAXScott at aol.com HAXScott at aol.com
Tue Apr 4 21:39:34 BST 2006

You were quite correct in your original assessment of the King LT-D. 
It's an EOA, with a pharyngeal cuff to obviate the need for a mask, and ONE  
ventilation port, instead of lots of little holes like that EOA-thing, and NO  
vents on the single lumen that is shoved into the esophagus. There is a 2nd  
hole, which the rep tells me is so that I may take a gum elastic bougie, tube  
exchanger, or FOB, and try and shove it down the single lumen while pulling  
back on the device, which has to vents or ability to vent or decompress the  
stomach. This last part sounds like a dream come true for me - a rescue airway  
which occludes the gates of hell, and then, before I try to exchange it to a  
real airway, I get to pull the cork out of the gates of hell, in the hopes 
that  I *might* get the exchanger or introducer into the trachea, back the 
King-LT  out, and then pass a tracheal tube over the exchanger or introducer, 
before the  gates of hell flood the spongebags of life... 
Sorry for the obsessive moment, I'm not looking forward to landing in a  town 
near me to see this thing in someone's throat. They use them in the region. 
Scott Hax
Lebanon, NH 

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