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Who was looking for Grizzly pictures recently ?

claudia glamourcv at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 08:02:16 BST 2006


I like polar bears...and the more I know humans, the more I like 
polar bears ...


On 4/2/06, Steve Urszenyi <medic.steve at rogers.com> wrote:
> Claudia,
> In territory where humans and bears collide the only option following a bear
> attack on a human is to kill the bear. Like a man-eating tiger, once a bear
> has tasted human blood and realizes what easy prey we are, it will prey on
> humans again.
> It's not vindictive; it's preventive medicine. But still, it's very sad for
> both bear and human.
> Steve Urszenyi
> In bear country
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> Sent: April 1, 2006 5:08 PM
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> Subject: Re: Who was looking for Grizzly pictures recently ?
> Was the bear killed in legitimate self defense or was it killed after
> the attack?
> claudia
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