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Who was looking for Grizzly pictures recently ?

Michael Ferker xg2k2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 22:26:57 BST 2006

It's probably a bit of both. Sure it's true that man is constantly expanding into wilderness, consistently exposing the inhabitants of the various ecosystems to a new potential variable and possibly "food source". People probably should stay away from such areas, but as usual, they often don't heed warnings, or even through a spurt of true ignorance, push the envelope to where they find themselves in an encounter with a particularly dangerous animal. If a polar bear happens to stumble upon a human, and through an even more stumbling series of events, tastes the desirability of human blood, it makes sense that as a predatory and hungry animal, the bear wouldn't mind encounter such meat again. Therefore, as earlier mentioned as "preventive medicine", it is the unenviable task for man to ensure the bear never again attacks another human. I agree that it's not fair. But in this case, it's the humans defending themselves against the bear's natural tendencies. It's essentially kill the
 bear, or risk the bear getting paws on someone else, regardless of whether the particular individual is at fault in finding themselves in such a situation to begin with. It's a lose-lose predicament, if you ask me.
  -Mike F

Andrew J Bowman <sumieb at compuserve.com> wrote:
  Is that really true that the "taste of human blood" turns wild animals into
unstoppable man-eaters? Or is it just man encroaching on an ever shrinking
environment and does not know enough to stay away for their own good and
doing something stupid like getting too close to a much larger, stronger and
more deadly (when left to natural ability) creature?

Sometimes I root for the bear! (and lion and tiger oh my)

Andrew Bowman

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From: "Steve Urszenyi" 
To: "'Trauma & Critical Care mailing list'" 
Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2006 11:56 AM
Subject: RE: Who was looking for Grizzly pictures recently ?

> Claudia,
> In territory where humans and bears collide the only option following a
> attack on a human is to kill the bear. Like a man-eating tiger, once a
> has tasted human blood and realizes what easy prey we are, it will prey on
> humans again.
> It's not vindictive; it's preventive medicine. But still, it's very sad
> both bear and human.
> Steve Urszenyi
> In bear country
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> Subject: Re: Who was looking for Grizzly pictures recently ?
> Was the bear killed in legitimate self defense or was it killed after
> the attack?
> claudia
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