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Nick Macartney nick at macartney.org
Sat Apr 1 18:23:30 BST 2006

Chuck said:
> BTW..why RL instead of saline?
I say:
Why saline ( which is hyperchloraemic, and causes metabolic acidosis )
rather than RL?

Nick Macartney 

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> writes:
> Just cos  the FDA have not approved of something - does not 
> mean it is not safe etc.  Just means FDA either have not 
> tested it or if failed on some usually minor  technical 
> agenda. Here in South Africa Diclofenac is also used 
> selectively as  an IV preparation, but only well diluted (1X 
> 75mg amp in 1000ml RL over 30  min.) in minor and non-trauma 
> surgery. Because it is for stable patients - the  U&E is 
> usually pre-checked!
> Tim:
> primus: my friends call me Chuck...and you and I have been  
> corresponding long enough to be extended that point.
> secundus: I well understand that the US FDA has long lost its 
>  standing as the premier drug approval source. Unfortunately, 
> it's what I have to  work with in general. I've had good luck 
> in the past with diclofenac po, and  would like to see how 
> the IV version works, but it sounds like it's not the  thing 
> for our Urgent Care Centers and EMS crews.
> BTW..why RL instead of saline?
> ck
> Charles S. Krin, DO  FAAFP
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