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volume replacment follwing hemorhage control

Aviel Roy-Shapira avir at bgumail.bgu.ac.il
Mon Oct 31 20:10:33 GMT 2005


In Beer Sheva, after hemorrhage has been controlled we give crystalloids and
blood, to achieve a euvolemic state, using urine output and hemoglobin as
guides. No colloids are given. 

However, if the volume requirement seems inordinately high, there are other
signs of SIRS, and we are sure that hemorrhage is underc control, I do not
hesitate to use a little noradrenaline. 


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> Subject: volume replacment follwing hemorhage control
> Hello trauma list
> This question is for those of you who practice permissive 
> hypotension/hypotensive resusscitation.
> What do you consider to be the standart for fluid and blood 
> product adminstration after hemorhage is under control given- 
> 1. the patient is hypotensive (SBP<100, let's say, and maybe 
> coauglophatic) 2. the patient is normotensive but continues 
> to be tachycardic
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