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volume replacment follwing hemorhage control

Eitan Melamed eitanme2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 29 01:47:54 BST 2005

Permissive hypotension is for the patient with non-compressible bleeding, before surgical control. For controlled hemorrhage, give what you have, based on perfusion status. I think that fluid choice a minor issue in this case. The standard in most places is still crystalloids (LR, NS). If the patient continues to be tachycardic but well perfused- don't give fluids. He might suffer pain and benefit from IV morphine.
Please read the special suppliment to J Trauma, June 2003.   The ENTIRE  journal is on this subject

Eitan Melamed

oded private <tangentcarrot at hotmail.com> wrote:
Hello trauma list

This question is for those of you who practice permissive 
hypotension/hypotensive resusscitation.
What do you consider to be the standart for fluid and blood product 
adminstration after hemorhage is under control given-
1. the patient is hypotensive (SBP<100, let's say, and maybe coauglophatic)
2. the patient is normotensive but continues to be tachycardic

Oded, Army Medic and much more
IDF School of Military Medicine

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