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ortho trauma transfer

Hall, John R John_R_Hall at Wellmont.org
Wed Oct 26 02:12:01 BST 2005

This problem is widespread.  The ortho pods do not want to take more trauma patients despite being paid to be on call in most places.


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Subject: Re: trauma transfer

No you are not wrong--this patient in fact is mandated by Florida statute to go to a trauma center--you should report this incident to the state EMS office in Tallahassee.  I would appreciate it if you could contact me off line to provide the details of this incident?  One problem here is that you were speaking directly to the Orthopedic surgeons instead of the Trauma service at a trauma center, if I interpret you correctly...why was that?

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Sent: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 19:07:43 EDT
Subject: trauma transfer

It seems once again on the Gulf Coast of Florida I have to pull teeth to  get
a patient to a trauma center.

Am I incorrect in wanting to transfer an 84 y/o female with severe 
osteoporosis who after a non-syncopal fall sufferred an unstable pelvic fracture 
at least two breaks of the left iliac wing associated with the SI joint,  with
associated large pelvic hematoma, labile sbp(80-100) and tachycardia?? Her 
hgb stabilized at 9.5,, but I am at a small community hospital with no ICU 
housestaff and no angiography/embolization available and to top it off,, the 
orthopod "feels uncomfortable" managing the patient.

Fortunately she is stabilizing, am I wrong to want her at a facility where 
they could more readily deal with her situation if she were to  deteriorate???

Dave nap.
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