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trauma transfer

Nappio at aol.com Nappio at aol.com
Tue Oct 25 00:07:43 BST 2005

It seems once again on the Gulf Coast of Florida I have to pull teeth to  get 
a patient to a trauma center.
Am I incorrect in wanting to transfer an 84 y/o female with severe  
osteoporosis who after a non-syncopal fall sufferred an unstable pelvic fracture  with 
at least two breaks of the left iliac wing associated with the SI joint,  with 
associated large pelvic hematoma, labile sbp(80-100) and tachycardia?? Her  
hgb stabilized at 9.5,, but I am at a small community hospital with no ICU  
housestaff and no angiography/embolization available and to top it off,, the  
orthopod "feels uncomfortable" managing the patient. 
Fortunately she is stabilizing, am I wrong to want her at a facility where  
they could more readily deal with her situation if she were to  deteriorate???
Dave nap.

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