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Colloid infusion in the trauma patient

Moore Rick Rick.Moore at TriadHospitals.com
Mon Oct 24 19:37:17 BST 2005

You are right about those instructors that just read straight out of the
book. I try really hard not to do that as I have had an instructor or
two that did. But I think what Pret is talking about and certainly what
I am talking about is that student that every class has, that has to be
smarter than everyone, including the instructor. This is the same guy
that will consistently try to practice above his level because he is so
much better than the others (just ask him if you don't believe it)

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Sometimes an instructor needs shaken out of their complacency to stay
current on issues and topics.

Unfortunately this is not always true.  I have seen many EMS instructors
read the same boring crap straight out of the book class after class.

No imagination, no spark to get the students' fires going, no

I am not saying for this topic (colloids) specifically, but in general.
Many an EMS instructor is doing a disservice to their students.

Andrew Bowman, RN, NREMT-P, etc, etc, etc

> Part of teaching adult learners is knowing when you're being pulled 
> around by a student who's question is intended not to elicit a useful 
> dialogue,
> rather to suggest that he has special knowledge or intuition (one or 
> both
> of) you don't.  His questions become arguments, challenging your topic

> authority and distracting the group's goals.  It's harmful to your 
> class, and reflects poorly on your teaching skills.

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