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Colloid infusion in the trauma patient

Andrew J Bowman sumieb at compuserve.com
Mon Oct 24 19:15:06 BST 2005

Sometimes an instructor needs shaken out of their complacency to stay
current on issues and topics.

Unfortunately this is not always true.  I have seen many EMS instructors
read the same boring crap straight out of the book class after class.

No imagination, no spark to get the students' fires going, no creativity.

I am not saying for this topic (colloids) specifically, but in general.
Many an EMS instructor is doing a disservice to their students.

Andrew Bowman, RN, NREMT-P, etc, etc, etc

> Part of teaching adult learners is knowing when you're being pulled around
> by a student who's question is intended not to elicit a useful dialogue,
> rather to suggest that he has special knowledge or intuition (one or both
> of) you don't.  His questions become arguments, challenging your topic
> authority and distracting the group's goals.  It's harmful to your class,
> and reflects poorly on your teaching skills.

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