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ambient temperature in resus rooms

eric.peterson at aurorabaycare.com eric.peterson at aurorabaycare.com
Mon Oct 24 12:49:22 BST 2005

We do not keep the temp warmer than other rooms, but we did have facilities
take those rooms off of the central computer control and we are able to
raise it fairly quickly(5-6 minutes).  Staff is warm and complain but at
least the pt stays warm.


Eric Peterson, RN CEN
Manager Emergency/Trauma Services
Aurora Baycare Medical Center
Email: eric.peterson at aurorabaycare.com
Phone: 920-288-4301
Pager: 920-556-1846
Fax: 920-288-4067

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Do any of you keep the ambient temperature in your trauma resus rooms
warmer than other rooms (considering 70-72F/21-22C to be the typical room
temp)?  If so, how warm do you keep them?  If not, do you have the
capability to raise the room temp quickly when a trauma patient is en

Jean Proehl
Emergency Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, NH 03756
(603) 650-6049
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