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[ccm-l] Disaster medicine curriculum

Gustavo E. Flores gflores911 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 05:41:52 BST 2005

We take it for granted that serious revisions need to be made. Nonetheless,
there are certain elements considered common ground that will need to be
addressed no matter what. These will always include hazardous materials,
bioterrorism, urban search and rescue, etc. I am looking AT LEAST for that.
Hopefully Dr. Wax can bring to us some interesting material.
I wouldn't say that we have NOTHING at all. While I do agree with Dr.
Alejandro Baez, IMHO, disaster medicine should be more than EMS. Again, it's
a starting point, but it does not address many other issues about disaster
medicine such as, but not limited to, what Dr. Mattox mentioned. Many EMS
jurisdictions throughout the states are complaining that the federal
government is paying more attention to the fire service and USAR teams on
how to prepare and respond to disaster events while at the same time leaving
EMS awfully unprepared and unequipped to adequately respond. For example,
FEMA did not included EMS or volunteer EMS services as eligible for the
federal grants. Although I am not 100% sure right now, I believe this
already changed after some struggle on behalf of national organizations such
as the National Association of EMTs. In fact, one of the main issues right
now is whether EMS should have a separate office at the federal level in
order to be able to improve this situation. So, I think we should aim
higher. Although some residencies may have the exclusive benefit of working
with a highly advanced EMS system with access to truly disaster medicine
resources, most of the EMS services do not have this. It would be a
disservice to all residents to expect that only a rotation in EMS will
suffice to be exposed to a fair level of disaster medicine. So, in essence,
there is always room for improvement.
There is no such thing as a clearinghouse for what should be covered in EM
for disaster preparedness, and for that matter, all other areas around a
unified approach (which of course includes surgery). At least I can't find
any over the net that focuses on anything besides hazmat. Anybody here on
the ACEP's Disaster Medicine section list? Perhaps they do have this
clearinghouse or a starter document. By doing so, some common ground can be
established. If I am thinking about this, probably others already met and
produced a document about it. I am not interested in reinventing the wheel,
but in spinning it faster.
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From: KMATTOX at aol.com [mailto:KMATTOX at aol.com] 
Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 9:34 PM
To: RWax at mtsinai.on.ca; arthurmorgan2 at gmail.com; gustavo at emergencyteam.net
Cc: ccm-l at ccm-l.org
Subject: Re: [ccm-l] Disaster medicine curriculum

I have been looking at the many cirricula which have been suggested by
members of this list server.   The material posted there would have been of
almost no help to me in the experience we recently had with Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita, and earlier with the refinery explosions or Tropical Storm
Allison.     I suggest that our provential approach to disasters needs a
very hard look at revision.      We spend too much time on the technical
aspects of space suits and nerve gases, etc. and too little time on LOCAL
Joint Incident Management and allocation of resources.    Control of the
many outside medical voyours becomes a real issue.    Allocation of
federalized physicians also needs to be revisited.   The entire FEMA, NDMS,
PHS, and DMAT activities also need significant review and revision.     I
could write a book on just how this system is broken and needs supervision,
review, and re-organization.     And I am not alone .         
But please keep sending the suggested and existing cirriculum put forward by
many organizations.   The outlines I have seen only reaffirm just how much
we need to revise.  

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