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Colloid infusion in the trauma patient

oded private tangentcarrot at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 22 16:18:46 BST 2005

Well, our EMT-B's aren't allowed to administer these solutions (but they can 
adminster cristalloids) and physician are to give them only in certian 
circumctances when the patient's transfer is to be greatly delayed, but some 
trainees asked about it, so it's more for thier knowledge and not for their 
By the way, I think it's the first time I hear that someone used Albumin for 
a trauma patient.
(though I have heard about using it for hemotoxic venoum poisoning)
Happen to recall what indicated it for that patient?

>From: "Bjorn, Pret" <pbjorn at emh.org>
>Reply-To: Trauma & Critical Care mailing list <trauma-list at trauma.org>
>To: "'Trauma & Critical Care mailing list'" <trauma-list at trauma.org>
>Subject: RE: Colloid infusion in the trauma patient
>Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:37:14 -0400
>Hetastarch.  Albumin.  I think I've used either about twice, and I'm old.
>The indications in the trauma room are rare enough that those for the
>prehospital setting must be alongside nil.  There are plenty of better
>topics for Basic Training.
>Crystalloids --> blood --> operation.
>All Best
>Pret Bjorn, RN, etc.
>EMMC Trauma Program
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>From: oded private [mailto:tangentcarrot at hotmail.com]
>Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 12:26 PM
>To: trauma-list at trauma.org
>Subject: Colloid infusion in the trauma patient
>Hello trauma list
>Lately, I have been dealing with the teaching of fluid ressuscitation in
>trauma to EMT-B'S (not directly by teaching but by dealing with contents of
>the class and consulting with instructors) and the subject of the use of
>colloid solutions (under the doctor's order only. of course) came up, so 
>like t o here from those of you who have had expreince with this therapy
>(both in the pre-hospital and trauma-room settings) to share your knowledge
>and experience with me- what solutions did use? does any of you continue to
>practice this therapy? did you find it to have significant adventages over
>using soley cristalloids? How did you avoid or manage its complications and
>Looking forward to your respondes and wishing you a happy succot,
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