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Intermediate Class

Statman2500 at aol.com Statman2500 at aol.com
Mon Oct 17 13:06:40 BST 2005

The most important thing that I try to instill in students is the ABC 
concept.  If you do not have these three covered, you have a dead patient.  If a pt 
codes, forget the monitor, forget the IV, grab the ambu bag.

    If your pt presents (and no I am not considering COPD) with labored resp, 
rate 40, diaphoretic and the sat is 90%, what would you do?       15 L NRBM 02

    If the same pt presents with a sat of 80%, what would you do?       15 L 
NRBM 02.

    My point is that the pt clinical picture shows this pt needs oxygen.  
Don't deprive people of oxygen just to see how low their sat is.  It's kind of 
like being at the pool with a life preserver in your hand-----are you going to 
see how long the drowning person can stay above the surface before you throw it 
to him?

    The first drug a MI pt needs is oxygen.  I don't care if the SpO2 monitor 
reads 100% on room air.  Remember, the SpO2 reads hemoglobin saturation, not 
the level of oxygen.

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