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Intermediate Class

Bjorn, Pret pbjorn at emh.org
Mon Oct 17 12:47:30 BST 2005


I'm blessed each day to work with Norm Dinerman, a wholly remarkable EM
physician with a vast intellect and unsurpassed clarity of thought.  Norm is
so adept at pithy turns of phrase that his "normanclature" has become part
of local EMS culture.  One of my favorites may be of use to you:

"Situational heroism is no substitute for everyday excellence."

As a longtime fan of trauma care and EMS, I can't think of a single phrase
that better captures my philosophy.  Focus on perfecting your core training
and strengths.  Most great saves stem from a strong command of the basics;
what Norm calls "Sesame Street reductionism."  

Best of luck in your very honorable career choice.

Pret Bjorn, RN, etc.
EMMC Trauma Program
489 State St
Bangor, ME 04401

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From: Roger Ekins [mailto:remt14 at msn.com] 
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2005 10:29 PM
To: Trauma & Critical Care mailing list
Subject: Intermediate Class

Hello, I am Roger and I will be starting a EMT Intermediate class.  Every
time I begin a class and think of the responsabily that I feel to 
teach each student how to become a great EMT.  So I was thinking of each of
you and you vast expertise. I would like to pose a Question to each of you.
That question is?   If you were teaching this class what would be the most
important thing that you would want to teach each student?


Roger Ekins
REMT Medical Training
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