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[ccm-l] Management People, Principles, Policies, Issues(Formerly Disaster)

Krin135 at aol.com Krin135 at aol.com
Thu Oct 13 03:37:29 BST 2005

In a message dated 10/12/2005 10:32:31 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
docrickfry at aol.com writes:

All  papers address the communications problems, organizational issues, and 
the  other major barriers to effective response, and have refs that you can go 
to  for more.

and the article that I referenced earlier, which covers the response of  
Mississippi Power and it's owner, Southern Power, covers exactly that...
how to put critical decision making down to the lowest possible level, and  
then make sure that they have the communications ability to make those 
decisions  effective.
It may not be a referenced study, but I suspect that a bright MPH candidate  
could use it as the basis for a paper that applies to what the medical 
responses  should be like.

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