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Bali Bombings

Ronald Gross Rgross at harthosp.org
Tue Oct 11 12:17:50 BST 2005

Please remember one fact - that the US became involved in those wars (1) when asked or (2) when attacked.
Isn't that what you and Tom would expect, since Heaven help us if we were to become involved "preemtively.......

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> >>>From: Don Benson[SMTP:bensonblues at comcast.net] 
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> >>>The US has shed blood for 2
> >>>world wars to police the planet when Europe was
> spineless to do so and paid with millions of lives.

Truly, truly ignorant perspective
Please take into considerations that some of your other
view might be similarly inspired
And excuse the expected outrage

The US indeed did have a major impact in the outcome of
both world wars.

But do not claim it to be the policeman of the world
As it came in late on both these wars (2/2)
1917 of the 1914 - 1918 WW1
1942(Dec 1941))) of the 1939 - 1945 WW2
Yet you appear to claim as wholy yours the outcome
Thus our doubt as your knowledge 
Certainly your interpretation of the facts

In fact
You imaginary policeman
Is an insult to the badge

As he seems to want to finish his donuts and wait for the
big battles to die down a bit before getting involved and
saving the world... since nobody else is able or interested
in doing (It could be argued that coming in late is a way
to claim all the glory with the least amount of effort ???
your comment would support this stupid assertion)

I think our discussion insults all veterans
Who had no such illusions... at the end

As for the small battles
Your policeman does not mind skirting the law
And brow beating the other cops in your police actions

As any good policemen knows
The object is not to arrest all the BAD men
Too easy
And probably not as efficacious long term

But to do it within the parameters of the law
Admitedly harder
But brings in an element of universality and equality in
front of the law
That is not dependant of each individual policeman

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