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Natural Catastrophies & Medical Responses

KMATTOX at aol.com KMATTOX at aol.com
Mon Oct 10 16:39:52 BST 2005

Thank you Claudia for your prayer of support for the families of those  whose 
loved ones have been killed or injuried in the terrible earthquake to hit  
Pakastan, Afghanistan, and Kashmir.   Our colleagues in medicine are  busy 
working with the many ill and injured from this wide spread distruction  from the 
natural disaster.    Challenges of broken bones, renal  failure, diarrhea, 
dehydration, depression, and nutrition are the same the world  over, and it is 
disasters such as this which bring us  together.    
I would ask that members of these list servers in the areas adjacent to the  
impact zones let us know just how we can be of greatest assistance.    Often 
the best assistance is to stay away and not burdent he local  rescuers.   AT 
other times assistance in heavy equipment is  needed.    We need to learn from 
lessons of the past, and recent  past, that outside persons should not ADD to 
the problems, but be part of the  coordinated solution.   Integrated 
Collaborative Networks (like ccm-l)  work for this part of the world, just at they 
worked in Texas last  month.   
We have that ICN in these web sites.    Our prayers and  support goes out, 
but we plead that we be able to effectively coordinate and  maximize our 
Kenneth L. Mattox, MD

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